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Med-Clinical is offering Clinical Operations, Regulatory and Medical Writing Services dedicated to strategic development, consulting, market access and obtaining, maintaining CE marking or obtain state aids

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Personalized support via our experts,​ helping you navigate the transition to the European Regulations: ​MDR 2017/745, IVDR 2017/746 and Regulation 536/2014​
Quality management system and SOPs designed according to: ISO 9001-2015 standards, best practices ISO 14155-2020, ISO 20916-2019, ICH-GCP E6(R2)​

Therapeutic areas


Focus on the heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, interventional cardiology.


Supportive care, diagnosis, interventional radiology and some specific treatments as nanoparticules or cements and tools to improve patients quality of life.


Products for dental health including restorative materials, orthodontic appliances, surgical equipment, implantology tools, cements, liners, and adhesives.


Reconstructive joint replacements, cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, stents, valves, electrical leads/ batteries, tissue-engineered constructs and drug delivery systems.

Interventional Radiology

Minimally invasive treatments using radiologic imaging for procedure guidance. These treatments or diagnostic procedures provide reduced risk, minimized discomfort, and shorter recovery times in comparison to open surgery.


Both surgical and nonsurgical approaches to treat a variety of musculoskeletal issues, such as sports injuries, joint pain, and back problems including medical imaging.


Continuous Glucose Monitoring device, management of "diabetic foot".


The focus lies in providing supportive care for the pediatric population, particularly in therapeutic areas such as heart failure and interventional cardiology, with a specific emphasis on neonatal and premature newborns.


Central Nervous System (CNS) focuses on strokes and neurovacular diseases, to improve the patients care.


Monitoring with applications or drug for retinal diseases.


Non surgical approach with applications or patches.